Comfortable, responsive and LOUD!

The HOHNER The Rocket is a breakthrough in diatonic harmonica design. The ergonomically designed case features rounded edges and corners for maximum comfort. Wide open lid and vents design provide more air pressure for maximum volume. The Rocket harmonica delivers powerful, dynamic sound.

Distinctive features:

  • Wide open lid and vent design increase air pressure for maximum volume
  • Ergonomic body with rounded edges and corners for maximum comfort
  • Cover and boards are connected with Philips screws and make it easy to disassemble the harmonica for care
  • Durable neoprene cover facilitates moisture evaporation and keeps dust out
  • Made in Germany


  • Diatonic harmonica 
  • Series : Progressive
  • Tuning : Richter
  • Number of holes : 10
  • 20 copper tongues
  • Boards : copper 0.9 mm.
  • Housing : ABS plastic, gray
  • Cover material : stainless steel
  • Key : E
  • Length : 10 cm.
  • New bright packaging
  • Durable textile cover with zip. Can be attached directly to the belt

Harmonica performer Slava Vinogradov on the HOHNER Rocket and HOHNER Rocket Amp harmonica  :

"The Hohner Rocket harmonica stands out from the range of Hohner diatonic harmonicas. Beautiful rounded lids and comb, thanks to which it is very comfortable to hold in the hands and comfortable to play. Beautiful matte plastic case.

The body is black and bright green (Hohner Rocket Amp). All sharp corners on the teeth are rounded. This creates a comfortable play with "tongue lock" and quick glide.

The covers have no sharp edges or corners. The back is bent and open, which adds brightness to the sound. On the Rocket Amp model, the lid sides are closed. This is a plus when playing into the microphone, because the sound is not scattered. This feature can be used when playing hands-free with the accordion in the mouth, just like the Sony Boy Willamson II (Rice Miller) did on the large Marine Band 364.

The boards fit snugly to the case, there are no air losses, good responsiveness when playing. This is achieved by using a large number of screws during assembly. The boards are connected by 8 screws, one of them in the center at the front.

Good tuning and build quality of the instrument allows you to play technically complex compositions of different musical genres. I recommend this model for professionals and amateurs. 

Convenient belt pouch adds to your shopping pleasure. "

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Hohner Diatonic Harmonica M2013056X Rocket 2013/20 Key Of E - Progressive Series

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