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Joyo products are rated extremely highly amongst their growing user base in terms of quality and affordability. With their simple, clean design, they combine a user-friendly layout with high-end technology to produce a plethora of musical goodies for novices and experts to try out without breaking the bank. The feedback and confirmation of quality from their expanding pool of fans are one of consistent positivity and general reverence at their unbeatable price.

Manufactured and based in China, they have their own acoustic core technology in the pipeline for utility patents. Joyo is not just any cheap replicas. They are proving to be tried and passing the test for many adoring musicians out there. Many of their pedals are popping up on the Internet in comparison with higher-priced old favourite models and coming out as the winner in the ears of pleased players.

Joyo A/B switch Pedal

Use the A/B switch to route your signal to two different setups. Includes channel indicator light. O..

AED 89.00 AED 159.00 Ex Tax: AED 84.76

Joyo Bass Amp 35 Watts


AED 799.00 AED 1,149.00 Ex Tax: AED 760.95

Joyo British Sound Pedal

JF-16 British Sound   l       Get tones inspired by Marshall amps--everything from Bluesbreake..

AED 159.00 AED 229.01 Ex Tax: AED 151.43

Joyo Deluxe Crunch Pedal

Updated version of classic Crunch with higher adjustability, which brings you a almighty Crunch dist..

AED 135.00 AED 199.00 Ex Tax: AED 128.57

Joyo Digital Clip-on Tuner

JT-07 Digital Clip-on Tuner A4 Frequency: 440Hz Tuning: Chromatic, Guitar, Bass, Violin, Ukulele..

AED 59.00 AED 89.00 Ex Tax: AED 56.19

Joyo Jam Buddy

It took Joyo’s engineers two years to develop this patented new product: TheJAMBUDDY Combining guita..

AED 429.00 AED 579.00 Ex Tax: AED 408.57

Joyo JSP-10 Sustain Pedal For Keyboards - Digital Pianos And MIDI Synthesizer

PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONColor: BlackConnecting cable's length: 1.5m6.35mm connectorDimensions: 300*75*60 ..

AED 69.00 AED 106.00 Ex Tax: AED 65.71

JOYO MW-1 Wireless Microphone Transmitter and Receiver System

FeaturesAbuilt-in rechargeable lithium batteryTransmission distance > 30 meterslt adopts 5.8GHz I..

AED 369.00 AED 499.00 Ex Tax: AED 351.43

Joyo Noise Gate Pedal

Reduces the extra noise from your signal. Easily operated by adjusting the single Threshold knob. Tr..

AED 129.00 AED 189.00 Ex Tax: AED 122.86

Joyo Pedal Vintage Phase Pedal

l       The Vintage Phase pedal beautifully re-creates the classic phaser sounds of the 70s; that wi..

AED 135.00 AED 199.00 Ex Tax: AED 128.57

Joyo Pedal Gate of Kahn

The GATE OF KAHN is a noise gate that utilizes VCA technology. A new approach to gating results in a..

AED 99.00 AED 269.00 Ex Tax: AED 94.29

Joyo Pedal JM-90 Digital Metronome With Voice

Beat: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9Rhythm:Tempo: 40-208 bpmSound Modes: Male Voice, Female Voice,Mech..

AED 99.00 AED 149.00 Ex Tax: AED 94.29

Joyo Pedal Pipebomb (Compressor)

The Pipebomb helps you to make your guitar sound explode. The MIX knob enables access to parallel co..

AED 189.00 AED 269.00 Ex Tax: AED 180.00

Joyo Pedal R-04 Zip Amp - Compression Overdrive

It delivers strong compression overdrive tone, also with great Gain, you can adjust the compression ..

AED 199.00 AED 289.00 Ex Tax: AED 189.52

Joyo Pedal R-07 Aquarius - 8 Digital Delay Effect

AQUARIUS is a multi-mode digital delay pedal with 8 digital delay effects. Apart from the iconic dig..

AED 349.00 AED 499.00 Ex Tax: AED 332.38

Joyo Pedal R-09 Vision - Dual Channel Modulation

VISION is a dual channel modulation pedal, supporting stereo input and output. Both of the two effec..

AED 349.00 AED 499.00 Ex Tax: AED 332.38

Joyo Pedal R-12 Band Controller - 10 band EQ

This 10 band EQ effect pedal is suitable for both Bass and Guitar, the frequency band ranges from 31..

AED 349.00 AED 499.00 Ex Tax: AED 332.38

Joyo Pedal R-13 XVI - Octaver

XVI is a practical and user-friendly Octave pedal. With independent Octave-up and Octave-down adjust..

AED 349.00 AED 499.00 Ex Tax: AED 332.38

Joyo Pedal Voodoo Octave

l       Take your tone an octave up and add some fuzz too! A mid-cut switch gives you control over y..

AED 135.00 AED 199.00 Ex Tax: AED 128.57

Joyo Pedal Wow wah (auto wah)

The Wow-Wah is an auto-wah with a wide range of sounds. It is extremely dynamic. With its 4 controls..

AED 119.00 AED 299.00 Ex Tax: AED 113.33

Joyo R-08 CAB BOX - Cabinet Modeling Pedal

JOYO CAB BOX is a cabinet modeling pedal, with IR loading supported. It has 4 tube power amp simulat..

AED 499.00 AED 869.00 Ex Tax: AED 475.24

Joyo Roll Boost Pedal

Classic A circuitry, a flip of the switch gives you up to a 35dB boost. Supports a maximum input of ..

AED 109.00 AED 189.00 Ex Tax: AED 103.81

Joyo Rollable Street Amplifier

JPA-862 Rollable street amplifierJPA-862 Rollable street amplifierImproving on the design of the JPA..

AED 899.00 AED 1,529.00 Ex Tax: AED 856.19

Joyo US Dream Pedal

Give your clean amp another distortion channel! Simulates the high-gain distortion tone of a driven ..

AED 129.00 AED 189.00 Ex Tax: AED 122.86

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