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Zoom Corporation was founded in Tokyo in 1983 and in 2004, established ZOOM HK LTD as a logistics base in Hong Kong. In 2009, it set up ZOOM Dongguan Corporation China as a quality control operation in 2013, formed ZOOM North America, LLC US as a distribution base in 2017, listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange JASDAQ Standard In 2018, acquired shares of Mogar Music S.p.A. Italy current consolidated subsidiary Mogar Music S.r.l. making it a subsidiary as a distribution center and in 2020, acquired all shares of ZOOM North America, LLC US, making it a wholly-owned subsidiary; in 2020, ZOOM UK Distribution LTD excluded as an equity method affiliate 2021, acquired all shares of Hook Up, Inc. in Japan, making it a wholly-owned subsidiary.

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Zoom AD14 5V Power Supply For Handy Recorder H4N Pedals

Zoom Power Supply For Handy Recorder H4N Pedals 5V..

AED 79.00

Zoom AD17 5V USB AC Adaptor For R8/H1/H6

Zoom Adaptor For R8/H1/H6 - AD17E..

AED 79.00

Zoom AD19E 12V AC Adapter for F4, F8, F8n, Select LiveTrak Mixers, TAC-8, and UAC-8 (EU Plug)

12V Power Adapter from ZoomThe AD-19D 12V Power Adapterfrom Zoom is designed specifically to be used..

AED 49.00

Zoom AMS-22 2x2 USB Audio Interface for Music and Streaming

2-in/2-out USB-C Audio Interface with 1 Preamp, 24-bit/96kHz AD/DA, Phantom Power, Direct Monitoring..

AED 309.00

Zoom AMS-44 Audio Interface

4-in/4-out USB-C Audio Interface with 4 Preamps, 24-bit/96kHz AD/DA, Phantom Power, Direct Monitorin..

AED 649.00

Zoom APF-1 Accessory Pack For F1 Field Recorder

The APF-1 Accessory Pack for F1 Field Recorder from Zoom includes an LMF-2 ..

AED 99.00

Zoom APH-1n Accessories Pack

The APH-1n includes :Foam WindscreenAC adapter (USB type)USB cableAdjustable tripod&n..

AED 159.00

Zoom APH-4N Accessories Pack

The Zoom APH-4n Accessory Pack for H4n is designed for DSLR users. The APH-4n Accessory Pack include..

AED 99.00

Zoom APH-5 Accessories Pack

The Zoom APH5 accessory pack is designed to add more functionality to your Zoom H5 Handy Recorder. I..

AED 229.00

Zoom APH-6 Accessories Pack

APH-6 H6 Accessory Pack We now also offer a special accessory package for H6 Handy Recorder. The A..

AED 239.00

Zoom B1FOUR Bass Multi-Effects Processor Bass Pedal

Bass Multi-effects Pedal with 9 Amp Models, 60 Onboard Effects, Looper, Built-in Drum Machine with 6..

AED 389.00

Zoom BCQ-2N Battery Case for Q2n/Q2n-4K

Auxiliary Battery Power Supply Plus USB Cable for Zoom Q2n and Q2n-4K Handy Video Recorders : A..

AED 79.00

Zoom BT-02 Battery

Zoom Battery BT-02..

AED 29.00

Zoom BT-03 Rechargeable Battery for Q8 Recorder

Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery for Zoom Q8 Handy Recorder :Don't Miss the ActionThe Zoom BT-03 is ..

AED 79.00

Zoom CBF-1LP Carrying Bag for F1-LP

Padded Carrying Bag for Zoom F1 :Protect Your Zoom F1 in StyleGive your Zoom F1 field recorder the t..

AED 95.00

Zoom CBF-1SP Carrying Bag for F1-SP

Padded Carrying Bag for F1-SP :Protect Your Zoom F1 in StyleGive your Zoom F1 field recorder the top..

AED 119.00

Zoom ECM-3 Extension Cable For H8, H6, H5, F8, Q8 - 3 Meter

Extra Reach for Your Zoom CapsuleIf you're setting up a DSLR video shoot or need to integrate your Z..

AED 92.95 AED 169.00

Zoom EMC-6 Extension Cable with Action Camera Mount

The ECM-6 from Zoom is a 19.7'-long extension cable for your Zoom F8 MultiTrack Field Recorder, H5 H..

AED 191.95 AED 349.00

Zoom EXH-6 XLR/TRS Combo Capsule

If you need more inputs, simply plug in the optional EXH-6 Dual XLR/TRS Combo capsule. It allows you..

AED 191.95 AED 349.00

Zoom F1-LP Field Recorder and Lavalier Mic

Value-packed Field Recorder + Lavalier Mic BundleThe Zoom F1 Field Recorder + Lavalier Mic is the id..

AED 965.00

Zoom F1-SP Field Recorder and Shotgun Mic

Value-packed Field Recorder + Shotgun Mic BundleThe Zoom F1 Field Recorder + Shotgun Mic is the idea..

AED 965.00

Zoom F2-BT/B Field Recorder With Lavalier Microphone And Bluetooth Control - Black

32-bit/44.1kHz or 48kHz Field Recorder with LMF-2 Lavalier Microphone, Bluetooth Control, Automatic ..

AED 889.00

Zoom F3 2-Input Field Recorder

32-bit/96kHz Field Recorder with 2 XLR Inputs, Built in Preamps, Bluetooth Compatibility, and LCD Di..

AED 1,349.00

Zoom F6 Multitrack Field Recorder

Capture Better Sound in the FieldDesigned for high-quality audio and reliability in the field, the Z..

AED 2,699.00

Zoom F8nPro Multitrack Field Recorder

32-bit Float/192kHz, 8-channel/10-track Field Audio Recorder and 8-in/4-out USB Audio Interface :Zoo..

AED 4,249.00

Zoom FRC-8 F-Control Mixing Control Surface for the Zoom F8 and F4

Gain Complete Mastery Over Your Zoom Multitrack Field RecorderIf you use an F8 or F4 Multitrack Fiel..

AED 958.30 AED 1,369.00

Zoom FS-01 Momentary Footswitch - For 500 Series Pedals

Footswitch for 500 Series Pedals :Footswitch Pedal for Your Zoom 500 Series!This footswitch pedal ma..

AED 69.30 AED 99.00

Zoom G11 Multi-Effects Processor with Expression Pedal

The Culmination of Zoom’s Engineering and PassionThe Zoom G11 is the culmination of 30 years of engi..

AED 3,099.00

Zoom G2X FOUR Multi-effects Processor with Expression Pedal

Multi-effects Processor with Expression Pedal, 79 Effects, 22 Amp Models, 68 Drum Patterns, Looper, ..

AED 889.00

Zoom G3Xn Multi-Effects with Expression Pedal

Powerful Multi-effects Plus Pedalboard ConvenienceWith the power of an advanced multi-effects unit c..

AED 959.00

Zoom G5n Multi-Effects Processor with Expression Pedal

Zoom G5n Multi-effects Pedal at a Glance:Faithfully models five tube amps, five cabs, and 68 classic..

AED 1,329.00

Zoom H2N Handy Recorder

  Recording Media SD/SDHC card (up to 32GB) Built-in Mic MS stereo &am..

AED 719.00

Zoom H3-VR 360° VR Audio Recorder

Surround Sound Recording Made SimpleFeaturing four built-in mics arranged in an Ambisonic array, the..

AED 719.20 AED 0.00

Zoom H4nPro/BLK Handy Recorder - Black

Capture Location Sound Like a ProZoom's Handy Recorders set the standard for portable field recordin..

AED 919.00

Zoom H6/BLK All Black Handy Recorder

Magnificently Modular!Zoom's H6 All Black Handy Recorder portable recording system gives you everyth..

AED 1,199.00

Zoom HS-1 Hot Shoe Mount Adapter

HS-1Hot Shoe Mount Adapter With the HS-1, you can attach your Handy Recorder to any DSLR video c..

AED 39.00

Zoom L-12 LiveTrak Digital Mixer - 12 Channels

Recording, Mixing, Monitoring — This Mixer Does It AllWhether you want to capture a rehearsal, produ..

AED 965.00

Zoom L-20 LiveTrak Digital Mixer - 20 Channels

Recording, Mixing, Monitoring — This Mixer Does It AllThe Zoom LiveTrak L-20 makes capturing a rehea..

AED 3,859.00 AED 965.00

Zoom LBC-1 Lithium-Ion Battery Charger for Zoom Q4 and Q8 Recorders

Don't Miss the ActionThe Zoom LBC-1 battery charger charges the BT-02 and BT-03 batteries for your Q..

AED 39.00

Zoom M2/220GL MicTrak 2-Channel 32-bit Portable Recorder

2-track Portable Recorder with Built-in Handheld Microphone and 32-bit Float/96kHz Recording :Easy 2..

AED 779.00

Zoom M3/220GL MicTrak 2-Channel 32-bit Shotgun Mic Recorder

2-track On-camera Recorder with Built-in Shotgun Microphone and 32-bit Float/48kHz Recording :Easy 2..

AED 779.00

Zoom M4/220GL MicTrak 4-Channel 32-bit Recorder with Timecode Generator

4-track Portable Recorder and 4-in/2-out USB Audio Interface with Built-in Microphone, 2 XLR Inputs,..

AED 1,549.00

Zoom MA2 Tripod to Mic Stand Adapter

Stand-mount Your Handy RecorderZoom's MA-2 Mic Clip Adapter is an ingeniously simple gadget that mak..

AED 35.00

Zoom MSH-6 Mid-Side Microphone Capsule for Zoom H5 and H6 and Q8 Field Recorders

A Mid-Side Mic for Your Handy Recorder!Because of its remarkable mono compatibility characteristics,..

AED 216.30 AED 309.00

Zoom P8 PodTrak 8-Channel Podcasting Mixer

8-channel Podcast Production Studio with 6 Mic Preamps, 6 Headphone Outputs, 8 Faders, 9 Sound Pads,..

AED 2,099.00

Zoom PCF-6 Protective Case

Protect Your Zoom F-6 Field RecorderThe PCF-6 from Zoom is designed specifically to protect the F-6 ..

AED 244.30 AED 349.00

Zoom PCF-8n F8 Protective Bag

Protection Meets Carrying Convenience!Take your Zoom F8 recorder into the field where it belongs, wi..

AED 454.30 AED 649.00

Zoom PCH-5 Protective Case for Zoom H5 Handy Recorder

The PCH-5 from Zoom is a water-resistant protective case for the Zoom H5 Handy Recorder – sold separ..

AED 29.00

Zoom Q2N-4K Handy Video Recorder With XY Microphone

Compact 4K Video Cam with Onboard Stereo MicsPut your audience where the action is with the Zoom Q2n..

AED 679.20 AED 849.00

Zoom Q4n Handy Video Camera

The HD Video Camera and Audio Recorder You Need!Want to make a real impression on your audience? Sho..

AED 775.20 AED 969.00

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