Guitar Toolkit with String Cutter, String Winder, Multi-tool, Cleaning Solution and Microfiber Cloth, String Action Gauge, Fret Collars, and Flashlight :

Complete Guitar Toolkit from Dunlop

The System 65 complete guitar set up kit from Dunlop gives you the tools you need to keep your instrument in tip-top shape. Packaged in a durable, semi-rigid shell, the Dunlop System 65 kit includes a string cutter, string winder, and a 12-piece multi-tool with nine hex wrenches, a box-end wrench, a Philips screwdriver, and a flat-head screwdriver. This expanded tool kit also contains an additional, convertible Philips/flat-head screwdriver, fret collars, a string action gauge, and a micro fret cloth to assist with a full guitar setup. To keep your instrument shined up and looking good, the System 65 kit provides a bottle of Formula 65 cleaning-polishing solution and a microfiber polish cloth. On top of all that, you get a high-powered flashlight for making night-of-show adjustments at dark venues. For a handy toolkit built to Dunlop’s high standards, check out the System 65 Complete Guitar Setup Kit . 

Dunlop System 65 Complete Guitar Toolkit Features:

  • Packed in a durable semi-rigid shell with interior straps
  • String cutter slices through strings with ease
  • String winder makes quick work of removing old strings and putting on new strings
  • Multi-tool has what you need to perform many light maintenance tasks
  • Extend the life of your guitar’s moving parts with the included Superlube gel pen
  • Super-soft polishing cloth and Formula 65 cleaning-polishing solution to add a final shine
  • String action gauge, fret collars, and micro fret cloth for performing guitar setups
  • High-powered flashlight

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Dunlop System 65 Complete Guitar Setup Kit

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