Searing Octave-up Fuzz Tone

The Octavio fuzz pedal is infamous for contributing to Jimi Hendrix’s signature, incendiary lead tone. The silicon saturation and octave-up behavior of the pedal adds a wash of vibrant upper-harmonic content to the signal for a scorching, synth-like sound that’s unlike any other fuzz effect. Joining the MXR standard line for the first time, the Octavio is rehoused in an ultra-sturdy metal chassis. Its simple two-knob design belies its wide-ranging capacity for shaping tones. The power of the Octavio lies in its interaction with electronics, and, depending on your guitar and amp settings, it can become a completely different monster: warm and wooly, bright and brash, sludgy and droning and so much more. When looking for a unique tone to push a part over the edge, guitarists here often turn to the Octavio Fuzz pedal.

MXR Octavio Fuzz Pedal Features:

  • Unique octave-up fuzz pedal made famous by Jimi Hendrix
  • Adds a wash of vibrant upper harmonics to the fuzz signal
  • Simple two-knob design contains a huge range of tone-shaping possibilities
  • Equipped with an On/Bypass LED indicator and AC power jack
  • Housed in a rugged all-metal chassis

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Jim Dunlop - M267 - MXR Octavio Fuzz Pedal

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