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32-channel SD/SDHC and USB 2.0 Expansion Module for Midas and Behringer Digital Consoles :


The DN32-LIVE SD/SDHC and USB 2.0 Expansion Module for MIDAS M32 and BEHRINGER X32 mixers provides 32-channel bi-directional audio I/O via USB 2.0 for both live performance and studio recording, plus comprehensive remote operation of your DAW via HUI/Mackie Control emulation. The addition of dual SD/SDHC slots allows fully independent recording and playback of up to 32 channels of uncompressed WAV files in consistent sessions – up to the maximum capacity of the SD cards. Now, without the need for a laptop computer, you can capture multi-channel live or session tracks, perform virtual sound checks, add in backing-tracks, set and manipulate accurate markers, and enjoy full remote operation via PC, Android* or iPad* apps, and X-TOUCH control surfaces. All of this barely begins to scratch the surface of what DN32-LIVE can bring to your M32/X32 console.

DN32-LIVE Makes Multi-Tracking a Breeze

Your console’s recording capability just got even more robust, thanks to the new DN32-LIVE Expansion Card and USB Audio/MIDI Interface. Whether you’re multi-tracking your live performances directly to a PC/Mac, or to the flash media in your console, DN32-LIVE makes it easier than ever. Equipped with dual SD/SDHC-card slots, DN32-LIVE provides uncompressed recording and playback of up to 64 GB of memory, enough to capture a 3 hour and 20 minute continuous 32-track session – all of which can be done without ever leaving the console. Just think about it, no external wiring or computer issues – everything you need in a single location. And DN32-LIVE is equally at home in either the recording studio or the performance venue.

Independent USB & SD Operation

The DN32-LIVE USB and SD interfaces can be operated simultaneously and independently. For example, you may want to play back your recorded session from an SD card and record the tracks via USB into your favorite DAW for post-processing. Or, you might need to prepare live backing tracks in your DAW and then transfer them to an SD card in real time, while setting performance markers on-the-fly. You can even record using both the USB and SD simultaneously for redundancy. Best of all, these operations can be performed without routing tracks through your console channels.

DN32-LIVE Remote Control

All of DN32-LIVE’s functionality and transport controls can be controlled remotely via PC, Android* or iPad* apps, assignable controls or compatible hardware control surfaces, such as the BEHRINGER X-TOUCH. This powerful tool lets you cue up and initiate backing tracks, start or stop recording/playback, perform virtual sound checks and more – even when you're away from the console.

Multi-Channel WAV Format

For optimal read/write performance on a huge variety of SD and SDHC cards, DN32-LIVE uses standard uncompressed 32-bit PCM format multi-channel WAV files. An DN32-LIVE recording session may consist of either one or several takes, and capture up to a maximum of 24 hours of consistent recording or playback. Multi-channel WAV files can be imported directly into most popular DAW applications, including the free open source audio editor Audacity. You can even export your 32-bit WAV files, which allows you to prepare backing tracks offline, such as when you’re away from your DN32-LIVE equipped M32 or X32 mixer.

On Your Mark...

Markers can be set at any time during recording, playback – or even while in pause mode. Session loading and marker selection can easily be manipulated via assignable controls, or remotely via apps, X-TOUCH control surfaces, or even MIDI. Once you set a marker roughly where you want it, a dedicated utility lets you fine-tune it for those occasions when playback requires the ultimate precision, such as alignment with specific transients in your audio. A convenient pre-listen feature helps you place any marker at an exact point in time. Utilities also allow deleting sessions/markers or formatting an SD card, which is always a good idea before recording any important performance. And virtual sound-checks have never been easier, especially when you use DN32-LIVE’s powerful marker and remote control functionality.

Powerful Live-Playback Machine

Assigning DN32-LIVE controls to your console's user buttons provides a great way to instantly jump to and play performance markers, delivering powerfully dynamic content to live theatrical events. Operations that previously required hardware samplers, or sophisticated software running on dedicated computers, can now easily be done right on the mixer, from a tiny SD card that takes up virtually no room at all.

The Real Deal

DN32-LIVE turns your MIDAS M32 or BEHRINGER X32 into a powerful, 32-track recording console that retains all of its incredible live sound mixing functionality, features that are still available – even while recording the same live show you're dialing to a packed house. And that amazing performance can bring out the “wow” in your studio recording applications, too. With over 3 hours of uncompressed 32-channel WAV files on 2 SD/SDHC cards, you can easily capture a large production live show – without getting anywhere near a HDD.

Check out the DN32-LIVE at your KLARK TEKNIK dealer, or get yours online today. DN32-LIVE will empower your performance – and your imagination...

Product Features :

  • USB 2.0 expansion module for Midas and Behringer digital consoles

  • 32-channel live recording and playback on dual SD/SDHC cards

  • Up to 3 hours of 48 kHz/32-bit PCM recording of 32 channels in one session, stored as uncompressed WAV files

  • Up to 32 bidirectional channels @ 48 kHz of recording and playback

  • Independent operation of SD cards and USB recording / playback

  • Remote control via PC, Android* or iPad* apps, assignable controls or compatible hardware control surfaces, such as the Behringer X-TOUCH

  • Dual SD card slots to keep virtual sound check and live performance files separately available or for extended recording time

  • Sample-accurate automatic spanning feature allows extending a session across both SD cards for more than 12 hours of 8-track recording time non-stop

  • Instantaneous live playback with preload and markers in the console UI and remote apps

  • Markers can be set on the fly for identifying song positions while recording or playing back

  • All markers can be edited directly in the console GUI

  • Seamless computer integration for virtual sound checks and software plug-ins

  • Channel routing can be stored and automated for record/playback

  • Secure file handling in the event of power blackout (optional CR123A Lithium cell required)

  • Enables remote control of compatible DAW software via emulations of Mackie Control* and HUI* protocols

  • Compatible with CoreAudio on Mac OSX* - ultra-low latency ASIO* drivers for Windows* PC available

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Klark Teknik DN32-LIVE SD/SDHC and USB 2.0 Expansion Module

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