The HOHNER Marine Band Classic 1896/20 is a traditional blues accordion dating back over a century. The pear body, studded brass tongues, specially shaped nickel-plated pickguard and open side give the accordion a warm, truly bluesy sound.


  • Diatonic harmonica 
  • Series : Marine Band
  • Story : Nartural Minor (natural minor)
  • Number of holes : 10
  • 20 copper tongues
  • Boards : copper 0.9 mm.
  • Body : pear wood (pearwood)
  • Cover material : stainless steel
  • Key : C , G , A
  • New bright packaging
  • Plastic case
  • Length approx 10 cm
  • 30 days free access to lessons from David Barrett  at

Specialist comment:

The Marine Band Classic 1896/20 is a Hohner classic. The model has more than a century of history. It is a recognized classic in sound coloration and a remarkable design that has stood the test of practice and time. The body is made of pear, the lids have side holes, the brass plates are fastened with a large number of nails, the tongues are optimal in size - rather long and narrow, this gives them high sensitivity and mobility, a timbre with a "characteristic hoarseness". Marine Band is a recognized standard for blues sounding, but with a good imagination of the performer, it can be used in any musical context.

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Hohner Diatonic 1896/20 Marine Band Set Of 3 Harmonicas In Keys ( C , G , A ) - Marine Band series

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