The HOHNER Special 20 (M56015xp)  is a set of 5 harmonicas in the most popular keys C, D, E, G, and A. Carrying case for 7 instruments included.

Richter  is a major diatonic scale. This system is named after the master who made a sample of an accordion with ten holes and twenty tongues (separate for inhalation and exhalation) installed in a wooden case. Richter's proposed diatonic scale became the standard for 10-hole diatonic harmonicas.

Hohner is renowned for the quality of its harmonicas. The RICHTER series diatonic harmonicas use the best technology to make them more airtight and produce louder sound. These harmonicas are ideal for blues, country and jazz music.

The Special 20  is the perfect harmonica for performing folk and country music. Black plastic body, 6-bolt copper tabs for maximum airtightness for warm, soft sound.


  • The package contains 5 harmonicas of the most popular tones
  • Series : Progressive
  • Tuning : Richter
  • Number of holes : 10
  • 20 copper tongues
  • Boards : copper 0.9 mm.
  • Body : ABS plastic, black
  • Cover material : stainless steel
  • Key : C, D, E, G, and A
  • Length about 10cm.
  • New bright packaging
  • Includes black neoprene zip pouch. Case for 7 instruments
  • 30-day free access to lessons from  David Barrett  at

Specialist comment:

The "Special 20  " is a "silver bell" in the classic Hohner line. The boards are very hermetically fixed by six screws to the plastic case, the covers do not have holes on the sides, unlike the wooden Marine Band. This gives the instrument a soft, smooth and "silver" tone. The model, due to its tightness, is very responsive, suitable for those who like fast play. The range of stylistic applications is wide: from classical to rock. "

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Hohner Diatonic Harmonica M5605XP Special 20 560/20 Pack of 5 Keys " C, D, E, G, and A " - Progressive Series

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