Hohner diatonic accordions are known for their quality and great sound. Diatonic harmonica are single-note instruments. These accordions differ from others in the presence of a common air channel for reeds working on inhalation and exhalation, which allows the musician to use such performing techniques as a band in the game, i.e. smooth pitch change, which gives a typical blues sound, and puffing (overblow), which allows you to extract intermediate notes that are not represented in the diatonic fret. Such harmonica are used in almost all styles (blues, folk, rock, jazz, etc. .)

Accordion  SILVER the STAR  - reliable and inexpensive diatonic accordion for beginners. Suitable for playing music in the styles of blues, country and jazz.

Harmonica  Silver Star  belongs to the Enthusiast series  .

Enthusiast  tools  are manufactured in a factory in China that manufactures tools on original machines exclusively for  HOHNER . Strict compliance with high quality standards is guaranteed by qualified personnel trained by colleagues from Germany, and the entire production process is controlled from the HOHNER  headquarters  in Trossingen.


  • Diatonic harmonica 
  • Series : Enthusiast
  • Build : Richter
  • Number of Holes : 10
  • 20 copper reeds
  • Boards : 0.9mm copper
  • Case : ABS plastic, black
  • Cover Material : Stainless Steel
  • Key : F
  • Plastic case included
  • Length about 10 cm

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Hohner Diatonic harmonica M5040667 Silver Star 504/20 Key Of F - Enthusiast Series

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