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Khon 6456N Flute Silver Platted

Flute The flute has a very clear and flowing sound to it. Most music has 2 or 3 flute parts. The fl..

AED 639.00 AED 799.00

Martin Ukulele S1UKE Soprano Mahogany - Includes Martin Padded Gig Bag

Martin quality, in a beauty of a Ukulele! The S1 Uke sounds fantastic, plays great, and has the look..

AED 1,319.20 AED 1,649.00

Alhambra 297 Classical Guitar Luthier India Montcabrer Signature guitars - Solid Indian Rosewood / Solid Cedar

A limited edition guitar, with Spanish character, powerful sound and made with woods of more than 30..

AED 14,519.19 AED 16,499.00

Alhambra 370 Flamenco Mengual & Margarit Flamenca Cypress Signature guitars - Solid German Spruce with tap plate And Solid Cypress

Tradition, pure sound, power and comfort in a flamenco concert guitarThe Mengual & Margarit Flam..

AED 13,542.32 AED 15,389.00

Alhambra 6.800 Classical Guitar 5P CW E8 - Natural

Entirely handcrafted in Spain, the Alhambra Cutaway Conservatorio 5P CW E8 classical acous..

AED 4,999.20 AED 6,599.00

Alhambra 7.631 Classical Premier Pro Madagascar Signature guitars - Solid Madagascar / Solid Red Cedar

Alhambra Guitar Premier Pro Madagascar: beauty, innovation and tradition aimed at the most..

AED 10,559.12 AED 11,999.00

Alhambra 7.800 Guitar Classical Z-Nature - Includes Free Softcase

Z-NatureThe Alhambra Z-Nature guitar is an instrument for beginners, very good quality and very affo..

AED 1,299.20 AED 1,389.00

Alhambra 794 Classical V Guitar 1 C HT EZ - Natural

Like all the Alhambra models, Alhambra Estudio 1 C HT Hybrid Terra Fishman Clasica II full..

AED 1,999.20 AED 2,349.00

Alhambra 799 Classic guitar 1 C HT (Hybrid Terra) - Includes Al Hambra Soft Shell Case

This 1 C HT (Hybrid Terra) model is ideal for beginners who want to learn how to play the guitar, wi..

AED 1,699.20 AED 1,789.00

Alhambra 8.000 Classical Guitar Z- Nature CW EZ- Includes Free Softcase

Completely built in Spain, the Alhambra Open Pore Z-Nature is a very affordable electro-cl..

AED 2,199.20 AED 2,749.00

Alhambra 8.201 Flamenco Guitar 2F - Included Soft Case

2 FA flamenco guitar which returns to the roots, to the tradition of flamenco artThe 2 F model is a ..

AED 1,799.20 AED 1,949.00

Alhambra 8.206 Flamenco Pure C/Golpeador Guitar 3F - Natural

The Alhambra 3F Guitar has a wonderful tone, slightly brighter overall than a classical guitar. ..

AED 2,299.20 AED 2,429.00

Alhambra 8.213 Flamenco Guitar 5Fp OP Pinana - Included Soft Case

The Flamenco Conservatory series guitars are manufactured in accordance with all the requirements of..

AED 3,499.20 AED 4,439.00

Alhambra 8.215 Flamenco Guitar 7Fc - Includes Free Softcase

 Features   TOP Solid German Spruce SIDES & BACK Solid Cypress ..

AED 3,999.20 AED 4,399.00

Alhambra 8.806 V Guitar Iberia Ziricote - Includes Free Softcase

The Iberia Ziricote model was created to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Alhambra Guitars.The Ib..

AED 2,399.20 AED 2,599.00

Alhambra 804 Classical Guitar 3 C - Natural

The Student line guitars are made to professional quality and offer an excellent price/performance r..

AED 2,099.00 AED 2,189.00

Alhambra 809 Classical Guitar 5P - Includes Free Softcase

5 PThe soundboard – major influence on the guitar’s sound – consists of a thin piece of softwood tha..

AED 3,499.20 AED 4,499.00

Alhambra 822 Premier 10 Classical Guitar - Natural

The 10 Premier contains years of experience from the craftsmen of the Alhambra. This way they a..

AED 6,999.15 AED 7,799.00

Audio Technica AT2020USB+ USB Microphone

The new AT2020 USB microphone offers studio-quality articulation and intelligibility. It plugs right..

AED 552.00 AED 649.00

Audio Technica AT2035 Cardioid Condenser Microphone

Designed for critical home/project/professional studio applications and live performance, this side-..

AED 594.00 AED 699.00

Audio Technica ATR2500X-USB Streaming Podcasting And Recording Microphone

ATR2500x-USBStreaming/Podcasting/Recording MicrophoneIdeal for podcasting, home studio recording, fi..

AED 339.00 AED 399.00

Audio Technica CREATOR PACK For Podcasting, Streaming, Gaming and Content Creation

Are you looking to set up your own home recording studio? Maybe start a podcast, vlog or YouTube cha..

AED 679.00 AED 799.00

Behringer 2600 Blue Marvin Limited-Edition Analog Semi-modular Synthesizer

Semi-modular Analog Synthesizer with 3 Oscillators, Multi-mode VCF, 2 Envelope Generators, 93 Patch ..

AED 2,039.00 AED 2,399.00

Behringer 2600 Gray Meanie Limited-Edition Analog Semi-modular Synthesizer

Semi-modular Analog Synthesizer with 3 Oscillators, Multi-mode VCF, 2 Envelope Generators, 93 Patch ..

AED 2,039.15 AED 2,399.00

Behringer B 906 Dynamic Microphone For Instrument And Vocal Applications

Dynamic Microphone for Instrument and Vocal Applications:A Super Mic for Amps, Instruments and Vocal..

AED 125.30 AED 179.00

Behringer B-5 Small-Diaphragm Condenser Microphone

Gold-Sputtered Diaphragm Studio Condenser Microphone with 2 Interchangeable Capsules:B-5The single-d..

AED 216.30 AED 309.00

Behringer BIGFOOT All-in-one USB Studio Condenser Microphone

The BIGFOOT - Your Own Home StudioThe BIGFOOT is a digital home recording, gaming, streaming or podc..

AED 235.95 AED 429.00

Behringer BV-BOMB Vintage Bomb USB Microphone

Waffle Iron USB Condenser Microphone with Heavy-duty Tripod :Designed for Live StreamersThe BV-..

AED 213.95 AED 389.00

Behringer BV4038 Vintage Waffle Iron USB Microphone

Waffle Iron USB Condenser Microphone with Heavy-duty Tripod :Designed for Live StreamersThe BV4038 m..

AED 213.95 AED 389.00

Behringer BV635 Vintage Spring Mount USB Microphone

USB Condenser Mic with Desktop Stand :Designed for Live StreamersThe BV635 microphone is a live stre..

AED 279.95 AED 509.00

Behringer RHYTHM DESIGNER RD-8 Classic Analog Drum Machine with 16 Drum Sounds, 64 Step Sequencer, Wave Designer and Dual-Mode Filter

RD-8The RHYTHM DESIGNER RD-8 provides all the tools you need to become a master beat-maker, includin..

AED 791.00 AED 899.00

Behringer SB 78A Condenser Cardioid Microphone

SB 78AThe SB 78A microphone is a home recording enthusiast’s dream come true! These professional-qua..

AED 143.20 AED 179.00

Behringer Voice Studio Recording Bundle

Recording Bundle with Condenser Microphone and Tube Mic Preamp with USB Audio Interface:VOICE STUDIO..

AED 526.00 AED 619.00

Buffet Crampon BC2501-2-0GB Clarinet Bb Silver Plated Keywor E11 - 17/6-k

Bb Clarinet Buffet Crampon E11 17/6 silver plated keywork BC2501-2-0GBClarinet E11 FRANCE Bb Buffet ..

AED 3,519.00 AED 3,999.00

Buffet Crampon BC2512F-2-0GB Bb Clarinet Etude E12F - 17/6

Bb Clarinet Buffet Crampon Etude E12F 17/6 BC2512F-2-0GBStudent Bb Clarinet Buffet Crampon  E12..

AED 4,311.00 AED 4,899.00

Buffet Crampon BC2541L-2-0GB Clarinet Prodige Bb - 18/6

Bb Clarinet Buffet Crampon Prodige18/6 BC2541L-2-0Buffet Crampon has revolutionised the student clar..

AED 2,771.00 AED 3,149.00

Bugera AC60 Acoustic Amp - 60 Watt - Combo

Powerful 60-Watt amplifier specifically designed for acoustic instruments and vocals2 independent ch..

AED 711.20 AED 889.00

Carlos SC10 Hardcase - Classical Guitar

Classical Guitar Case - approx. inside dimensions: 102 x 39 x 13cm..

AED 300.00 AED 375.00

Carlos SC12 Hardcase - Electric Guitar

This is an absolutely stunning, beautiful Hard Shell Case. Exterior is lined with Synthetic Leather ..

AED 300.00 AED 375.00

D'Addario 19UKE03 Eco-Comfort Ukulele Strap - Seafoam

DescriptionThe D’Addario Eco-Comfort Ukulele Strap line is an eco-friendly soundhole hook style stra..

AED 23.70 AED 79.00

D'Addario 20T01CL Woven Classical Guitar Strap - Black Satin

Woven Classical Guitar Strap, Black Satin, by D'Addario2" width tubular nylon with Black Satin desig..

AED 37.95 AED 69.00

D'Addario EJ17-3D Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar String Medium - 13-56 - 3 Packs

D'Addario was the first to use Phosphor Bronze in acoustic guitar strings back in 1974. Today, Phosp..

AED 66.75 AED 89.00

D'Addario EJ53S Pro-Arté Rectified Ukulele - Soprano

EJ53S is a black nylon string set for soprano ukulele. Pro-Arté Black Nylon sets the standard in ter..

AED 23.20 AED 29.00

D'Addario GHP Acoustic Guitar Humidifier Pro - Hydrophilic Sponge Style

The D’Addario Humidifier Pro protects your guitar even in the driest conditions. Using a specialized..

AED 26.95 AED 49.00

D'Addario NB1253 Nickel Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings Light - 12-53

Nickel Bronze acoustic strings are made to bring out the unique tonal characteristics of your guitar..

AED 44.00 AED 55.00

D'Addario PW-CP-02S Planet Waves NS Capo Pro - Silver

The Planet Waves NS Capo Pro in black is made from aircraft grade aluminum for use on acoustic and e..

AED 59.50 AED 85.00

D'Addario EJ82A Viola Brasileira string Cebolão Re and Boiadeira Tunings

EJ82A is a nickel plated steel Viola Brasileira string set optimized for Cebolão Re and Bo..

AED 23.20 AED 29.00

DW Drums DDST2508TTCR Piccolo Tom 8 Inch Design - Chrome Over Steel

DW Piccolo Tom 08"x2,5"Designed with legendary drummer Terry Bozzio, piccolo toms feature a 2.5-inch..

AED 999.20 AED 1,249.00

DW Drums DDST2510TTCR Piccolo Tom 10 Inch Design - Chrome Over Steel

Want to extend your tom range up into the stratosphere? The drummers agree, piccolo toms are the ide..

AED 999.20 AED 1,249.00

DW Drums DRLS5514SSC Snare 5.5x14 Collectors - Maple Lacquer Speciality CR

DW Collector's Maple 5.5x14 Snare Drum, Lacquer Specialty Blood Red Sparkle with Chrome HWDW Snare d..

AED 2,974.15 AED 3,499.00

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